Diet & Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition
As of the latest research, there are no modifications to diet that have yet been shown effective in preventing dementia. However, the indirect benefits of avoiding diabetes, heart and vascular disease, high blood pressure, etc. through diet and exercise will almost certainly help slow the course of any neurocognitive degeneration and stave off its worst effects–possibly for many years.

The Mediterranean Diet is almost certainly the best way to maintain general physical and cognitive health while avoiding disease. However, the how you use the diet is important, too–don’t overeat and fail to exercise as obesity is linked closely to Diabetes Type 2 and dementia. Paul Greenberg is an expert on the Omega Principal: Seafood and the Quest for a Long Life and a Healthier Planet. His
NYT article discusses diet and Bill Marsh of the NYT produced these interesting a comparison of the Greek diet vs. the U.S. diet in the 1960s and late 2000s, based on the National health and Nutrition Examination Survey (2010):

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