Dr. Gerald Elovitz

Dr. Elovitz is a clinical neuropsychologist with over 40 years of clinical practice experience as a licensed psychologist. His interests have been in the developmental changes of childhood and aging. He is licensed in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Dr. Elovitz is a developmental neuropsychologist which means his interests and skills are principally in developmental disabilities like autism, schizophrenia, Down syndrome in children and dementia in seniors. He earned a bachelors degree in psychology at Amherst College and then studied elementary education at Smith College resulting in certifications as a K-8 teacher, principal and adjustment counselor. His interest in neurologically-based learning disabilities brought him to the Pennsylvania State University to study in a program approved by the American Psychological Association (APA). There he took two masters degrees and a doctorate at PSU specializing in; educational, psychological and emotional testing, test interpretation and test construction. His areas of speciality include the evaluation of; intelligence, personality (projectives), attention, reading and learning disabilities, audiological, and developmental assessment with adults and children down to age 18 months.

His neuropsychology training was as a post-doctoral fellow at the Harvard Medical School based at the Boston Children’s Hospital and the Beth Israel Hospital with an externship at the Boston VA hospital under Dr. Edith Kaplan at the Jamaica Plain campus. After about 15 years as a full-time pediatric clinical neuropsychologist, he “changed over” geriatric neuropsychology (a new field around 1995) spending three years in collaboration with neuropsychology staff at the University of Miami while establishing a geropsychiatric evaluation program for Columbia Hospital/HCA in West Palm Beach, FL as well as on Cape Cod in the two US counties with the largest senior populations. For the last 25+ years he has worked full-time with seniors. He has also sees people between the ages 19–54; for example, middle aged individuals with Down syndrome as eventually 100% of people with Downs will develop Alzheimer’s disease.

As a full-time licensed practitioner for 40+ years, Dr. Elovitz has conducted and supervised many thousands of neuropsychological evaluations and consultations to families. He spent 16 years as the pediatric clinical neuropsychologist at the Cape Cod Hospital’s child and adolescent inpatient unit, and several decades consulting to seven geropsychiatric inpatient units, including: Morton Hospital, Taunton; Caritas Good Samaritan, Brockton; Caritas Norwood, Canton; St. Anne’s Hospital, Fall River; Carney Hospital, Dorchester; Northeast Specialty Hospitals, Stoughton; and Parkwood Hospital, Acushnet. Interestingly, while Cape Cod Hospital has an inpatient psychiatric program it has no specialization in geriatrics despite out aging population and they closed their adolescent unit many years ago.

Dr. Elovitz has testified and/or consulted to the Probate courts in Plymouth, Barnstable and Dukes County and regularly works with 14 Elder Law attorneys on Cape Cod, and others as needed. He performs guardianship and conservatorship assessments for the protective services case workers for Elder Services of Cape Cod & the Islands.

Dr. Elovitz also supervises other assessment services in the public domain, for example managing the pre-employment psychological evaluation for all new hires in the Massachusetts Dept. of Corrections (DOC) for 10 years, and presently for all new hires for the Massachusetts Dept. of Youth Services (DYS).

Forensic Services:
• Evaluation of capacity specific to the legal area in question
• Prepare Medical Certificates for guardianship and/or conservatorship
• Testimony and preparation of affidavits
• Pre-evaluation for Long Term Care insurance qualification
• Arrange
Clinical Team Reports for intellectually disability with our in-house staff
• Arrange Rogers (Monitor) guardianship with our in-house psychiatric staff
• Consultation and advice to the legal profession

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