Massachusetts Home Care Program

The Massachusetts Home Care Program is for seniors with limited income who need help to safely live at home. The program also offers respite care for caregivers of seniors, regardless of income. Monthly co-payments may apply. Priority for Home Care services is based on how much help a senior needs to perform daily tasks, and how many needs are unmet. Seniors with critical unmet needs, such as personal care tasks (bathing, dressing, etc.), meal preparation and food shopping, and transportation to medical appointments receive higher priority. For 2009, maximum gross income for one is $24,837 and (husband and wife) for two $35,144 to qualify for Home Care services. There is no income limit for respite care. There is a co-payment for all services, based on income.

Home care services are for seniors who:
• are 60 or older and a Mass resident
• does not live in an ALF, rest or convalescent home, or nursing facility
• meets family income eligibility guidelines
• is not getting help from programs like Group Foster or Adult Family care

• has been found in need of services by an a case manager

Respite care services are for seniors who meet the above, and:
• the senior is a 60 or older (or has a dementia diagnosis) MA resident
• has a caregiver who is at least 18 and is not paid for services
• the caregiver is either a family member, or if unrelated living in the home
• requests respite NOT so a caregiver can work
• requests services the caregiver usually performs

• is experiencing stress or an emergency situation

For 2009 the fee schedule is with 5.8% COLA increases yearly:

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