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Aging With Dignity
Last modified 12/08/20

Purpose of this Website:
We hope to help people with cognitive impairments to understand cognitive disorders like Alzheimer's dementia (AD) and Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and their effect on the lives of patients and families. The biggest risk factor for AD is advancing age. By the time an American reaches 85 the risk of developing AD is almost 50/50. That means that of the typical married couple in their mid-80s, the odds are that one or the other will have the disease.

Treatments and interventions including drug and non-drug treatments, financial issues, assisted living, etc. are addressed here. This website also introduces you to our clinical services at The Memory Center.

Website Ownership:
This website ( is owned, designed and maintained by Dr. Gerald P. Elovitz, P.C. which is a professional corporation dba the Memory & Attention Center. This website is offered for information only, and all advice contained in it is subject to review with medical and other professionals involved with the care of any person with whom you might apply this information. In other words, we are not responsible for errors or problems that may arise from the application or use of this information in any patient’s care, financial planning or prevention strategies.

The Memory & Attention Center provides evaluation of memory and behavioral disorders for seniors with cognitive problems, involving dementia and psychiatric issues. We have been doing this for 30+ years. We work closely with seven geropsychiatric hospitals in southeastern Massachusetts that provide additional diagnostic and inpatient level care when needed. In fact, Dr. Elovitz who started The Memory & Attention Center, has been on staff at five of these hospitals, averaging ten years of service at each facility.

We believe much of the content of this website is relevant to seniors and their families everywhere in the US. We update the site regularly and it is always growing. Of course, visit the
Alzheimer's Association website and the Alzheimer's Foundation of America for information at the national level.

Collaborating Organizations
In southeastern Massachusetts, we have the Alzheimer's Family Support Center of Cape Cod based in Brewster which runs over 50 support groups for care givers as well as for patients all over SE Massachusetts. They offer educational opportunities and individual consultation. In Hyannis there is Hope Dementia & Alzheimer's Services of Cape Cod & the Islands which also offers support groups, and respite care grants which can pay for a few days care of a patient while a caregiver does something important.

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This writer wrote the original respite care grant for Cape Cod many years ago, and while we expected it to be used by care givers to do things like attending a grandchild’s graduation, instead people used it to find a few days to get hip replaced. This was an eye-opener to many of us, just how time consuming it can be to care for a dementia patient. Working with caregivers led us to this excellent book, and the title is not a joke. It is written by Nancy Mace, MA and Dr. Peter Rabins with the Memory and Alzheimer’s Treatment Center at Johns Hopkins and is now in its sixth edition. The name says it all.

A common question is where to find information about clinical trials: this ->
website can match you to available, nearby options.


Read more about the Memory Center on the next page. And, read about issues related to Mild and Major Neurocogntive Disorders (mild cognitive impairment and dementia) throughout this website.

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